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Advertising in today’s digital world is all about data! Sure catchy jingles or flashy graphics are crucial to a brand’s identity, but the main revenue-driving factor behind a successful ad campaign is data. At AKWMS we have mastered the science behind matching creatives with audiences who have the highest probability of becoming customers. We do this by leveraging our data partners, with our own proprietary A.I. 


Convert More Clicks Into Customers!

AKWMS is dedicated to helping your business grow, whether you’re looking for online lead generation or ecommerce sales. Our team can help you find customers actively searching for your product or services, and help you control the first impression your company makes on them. You can also showcase your products and services in the areas you choose.

Our comprehensive reporting will give you all the information you need to make data-driven decisions about your marketing investment.

AKWMS is one of the only pay-per-click agencies that offers services no long-term commitment or contracts. We do this because our Ads work, and we pride ourselves on earning our clients each and every month! 


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How Can Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Help Your Business?

Your business needs to be found! But more importantly it needs to be found by people who actually need your products or services. The problem is, the competition is fierce. So how do you stand out? 

With Pay-Per-Click (PPC)Ads! 

PPC Ads help you control the first impression of your most likely customers at every step of their buying cycle.  


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Search engine marketing gives you the ability to place your product or service on the first page of Google and Bing, above organic search results. You bid on keywords most valuable to your business, so that when someone searches for a product or service, you are the first result they see. This lets you take control of your search results and build brand awareness.

With search engine marketing, you only pay when someone engages with your ad and visits your website. You can customize content for customers at every stage of their buying cycle and appear in front of customers who may not be familiar with your brand.

AKWMS Search Ads Management Includes:

  • Search term discovery research
  • Detailed competitive cost analysis
  • Ad copy variations for every product and service 
  • Conversion setup/configuration
  • Monthly reporting/consults

When it comes to e-commerce ads, there’s nothing more important than showing your products to customers who want to buy them. That’s where Google Shopping Ads come in.

Google Shopping Ads are designed to show your products to relevant customers—and that’s exactly what they do. They help you reach audiences across the globe, and you can use them to show offers, reviews, and more.

If you’re looking for a strategy that will help boost your e-commerce sales and provide optimal ROI—AKWMS has you covered

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Google Shopping Management:

  • Product Feed Setup And Optimization
  • Google Merchant Center Management
  • Left In Cart Campaigns
  • Conversion And Revenue Reporting
  • Product Review Integrations
  • Offer Management
  • Monthly reporting/consults
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Display Advertising

Display ads have never been more efficient or effective. With AKWS’s display advertising management, you can target recent website visitors and place your ads on the websites most frequently visited by your target audience—all for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising.

Display Ads Program:

  • Dynamic Remarketing Configuration 
  • Placement Reporting / Research
  • Asset Animations For YouTube 
  • 2 HTML5 Banners in 40+ Size Variations
  • Monthly reporting/consults

Get Started With PPC

Running ads with AKWMS is a simple as:

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Complete The Form

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Discovery Call

During the discovery call our dedicated account managers will get details about your business, and answer any questions you might have

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Approval / Launch

Within 36 hours our team will build out the full campaign for you to approve, once the approval is given your ads will be running immediately

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful Question/Answer for our customers!

What If I already have a google ads account?

If you already have a google ads account all we would need is the CID (customer Id number) to request access. If you do not have an account we will create one for you and make sure you have full ownership at all times. 

What If I cant access my google ads account, or google analytics?

There are several steps we can take as an agency to restore your access to both google analytics, and google ads. If this applies to you just ask your account manager for assistance and we will get it done ASAP.

Do I need special landing pages for my ads?

The best practice for PPC is to have a landing page specially made for each ad category. If you need additional landing pages created for your campaigns AKWMS can assist you with the design/development. 

How much does AKWMS charge for PPC management?

No client account is ever the same, even clients within the same industry require different levels of work to manage. That said we base our monthly management costs on the actual work to be done, and not on ad spend. 

What if I don't see any success?

Not every client campaign is a home run, some have difficulty taking off or experience cost increases that are not sustainable. If our arrangement isn’t working out in your favor you are free to step away at any time.