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The Free Dashboard that is the only 100% accurate tool

Most SEO tools cost an average of $60 a month, with the more accurate ones being closer to $100. The problem is that they all use separate algorithms to calculate rankings and position. This leads to huge problems when trying to make optimizations. That’s why we developed a dashboard that we use with our clients. We are giving this away for free. NO STRINGS

The Dashboard

The most accurate way to track your websites rankings. This dashboard is 100% free and easily customizable. Just enter your information below and get the link to copy the free dashboard. Need more info on how your clients interact with your site? Check out page 2 of the dashboard to see how to add all conversion steps.

100% Free Forever

How To Setup Google Search Console

Setting search console is simple, provided you have access to your DNS settings. To get started first go to: 

1. Search Console

2. Once you get there select “start now”, one the proceeding screen you will have two options “Domain” and “URL Prefix”. If choosing “URL Prefix” you will need to be very specific on the urls you are adding. For example http, will need its own vs. https.

How To Setup Google Search Console cPanel Google D

3.Next google will give you a txt record to add to your DNS


Setting Up DNS:

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