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Amazon is the source of 43% of all online sales. Half of the global population goes to the marketplace when searching for a new product. The platform creates immense value for businesses, so having an Amazon store is crucial. Businesses new to the Amazon platform can find it challenging to set up and manage their store. Those with an existing store may need to optimize it. That’s where Rhino Group Consulting comes in to provide these essential services. We aim to help our clients grow their Amazon stores without spending time on tedious tasks. Our team of experts is here to help you expand internationally and make your brand stand out globally.
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It takes an in-depth understanding of the ecommerce industry to make a strong presence on the Amazon marketplace. A business must also be able to manage its daily operations seamlessly. With Rhino Group Consulting services, your business gets this and much more. Our trained and experienced Amazon store setup and management experts have what it takes to set up an Amazon store for your business. They have an unmatched record of assisting numerous amazon merchants in creating a position for themselves in the competitive business landscape.

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Amazon Store Management

AKWMS offers a wide array of custom services for e-Commerce brands in North America and Australia. Learn more about how we can help you.  

Store Setup

Your Amazon store is the platform to showcase your brand value to your potential customers. We customize the design to offer an outstanding user experience that showcases your brand for all to see. Trust us for everything from:

  • Home page design
  • Title selection
  • Page navigation
  • Content creation


We also check to ensure that your store is compliant with the relevant product laws and regulations.


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Product and Image Optimizations

Your Amazon store differs from a regular Amazon seller account. It allows you to sell items in bulk, manage customer orders and pricing, track product information, and access Amazon Retail Analytics.


The approach to product listing also differs, and we provide services in bulk product listings without flaws or delays. Our team is well-equipped to update product information and optimize products and images to increase your online visibility. 

PPC Ads Services

If you want to increase sales on your Amazon store, you must invest in advertising. There’s no better way to achieve this than with Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. Our Amazon PPC management services are a fruitful investment for:

  • Increased sales
  • Enhanced brand awareness
  • Better market dominance
  • Targeted marketing

Trust us to use a data-driven strategy to achieve your PPC marketing goals. We also provide regular updates and reports on your store’s PPC performance.

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Amazon Store Reputation Management

Brand reputation is crucial to your business’s success. Negative remarks or poor handling of customer dissatisfaction can cause customers to search for another brand, and you lose out. People naturally look for positive reviews before interacting with a brand to ensure a smooth buying experience.

We provide reputation management services and implement various actions to:

  • Build your brand’s reputation
  • Enable your brand to maintain a good reputation
  • Enable your business to recover if it receives a negative rating

An adverse brand profile can affect your online visibility, bringing down your competitive edge.

FBA Large Inventory Logistics

Most customers prefer to deal with vendors with a “Fulfilled by Amazon” status. FBA certifies that a seller can deliver products on time. This option on your Amazon store is beneficial, but you shouldn’t opt for it without proper analysis.


AKWMS can assist you in availing Amazon FBA with a profit objective. You can choose the suitable FBA package for your sales and product value through our Amazon store setup services. We also monitor your inventory to establish a steady production, sales, and delivery flow.

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Outsource Amazon Store Setup
and Management to AKWMS

AKWMS is a trusted service provider in Amazon store setup and management. Our strategy has proved to be a profit generator, designed by a team of experts, including SEO experts, programmers, quality assurance specialists, editors, and data entry specialists. Contact us today for an initial consultation for the success of your Amazon store.


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